Willowdale: Passed Meets Present premiered on August 11th, 2017  after months planning and preparation by the WCHA & Museum’s “Fundraising & Planning Committee,” and the director of the production, Diane Belmont.  With over 50 people in attendance, the stories of Willowdale residents made the crowd think about their local history and the people from Wayne County who have made history.

Featured Willowdale “residents” include a large variety of Wayne County figures such as Gertrude Weil, whose contributions to equal and women’s rights were significant, Eliza Dyer who is the only black resident to be buried in Willowdale whose amazing story is one that will take your breath away, Kenneth Royall whose dedication to “innocent until proven guilty” is one that he defended to the end, and many other amazing figures whose lives hold the test of time in their impact on Wayne County, and the world.

This event will also be transformed into a cemetery tour taking place from mid to late October, where visitors will be taken through Willowdale cemetery and taken to the sites where each individual is located and the actors will portray the resident, similar to the stage production! These events are family friendly, and accessible for all ages, so come join us for the continuance of this annual event August 12th and 13th for the stage production, and in October for the cemetery tour.

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