The preservation and education of Wayne County history is vital for present and future generations. Preservation of local history ties us all together as a community and we pride ourselves as the repository for Wayne County’s history.

The WCM Campaign for History is dedicated to the acquisition of artifacts, documents, photographs and more from the Wayne County community. This campaign provides another outlet for artifact donations. By contacting museum staff, and sending a photo of the item you’d like to donate, staff can decide whether or not your donation would be appropriate for our archives. This proactive step in preserving local history, as opposed to discovering that a potential item was already discarded, is a convenient method of re-homing Wayne County’s treasures.

If you or anyone you know has items waiting to be discarded, please join the WCM Campaign for History group on Facebook and consider the Wayne County Museum first!

The Wayne County Museum can also be reached by phone, email, or visit:

(919) 734-5023