Blurred Lines: A Cocktail Book Club and Socratic Circle is a monthly event that represents a vast array of topics. It’s a culmination of what it is to be human; meeting with a breakfast club of people to talk about life, share ideas, share music, literature, films, and culture. The Socratic style circle will create a way where people have the ability to talk, listen, and share their own thoughts, ideas and inspirations with a group of people, without being interrupted.

Each monthly event will differently themed, from having a movie night, poetry slams, a book club, to having a “paint and sip” night where you’ll paint, listen to music, dance and just have fun.┬áThis event really is all encompassing and is meant to focus on having a good time with a group of people that want to share their thoughts and interests, all while drinking!

Please feel free to join the Facebook group here for more information on meeting times and joining Blurred Lines.