Adventure Through History is a children’s program focused on creating a bond between Wayne County youth and their local history. Children will have the opportunity to interact with their community by discovering the historical relevance of places, people and things around them.

The idea around this program was to fully embrace the history of this inter-generational community, by creating a link between the youth of today with their own backyard. This program was also designed to connect with children on a social, visual, and creative level. By connecting with their peers, their local community, and by the creation of their Flat Stanley counterparts, children are able to form new relationships with their community and themselves. After creating their Flat Stanley’s, each child in attendance was then asked to choose a strip of paper out of a bag which contained the name and address of a business. The children (chaperoned by their parents) went to their business locations armed with nothing but a pencil, their Flat Stanley creations, and a sheet of questions which they would ask the local businesses. The businesses chosen were Bicycle World, Cafe 1221, Uniquely R’s, the Paramount, and the Waynesborough Model Railroad Club.

We are so glad that all the children and parents in attendance enjoyed their time with us at the Wayne County Museum, and we look forward to seeing you all at the next Adventure Through History program in December!

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