The Wayne County Museum is a two-story Jeffersonian revival style house built by the Goldsboro Woman’s Club. Within these walls are four permanent exhibits, one rotating exhibit room, and a ballroom that contribute to the house’s twelve total rooms.

Wayne County Timeline

This permanent exhibition focuses on the rich history in Wayne County and represents all facets of that history from early settlement to present day. Our main goal is to completely revolutionize the way people learn about this county; we want people to know about how this area was founded, how we have expanded throughout time, how we have been effected by the people in our community, industrialization, the railroad, politics, military influence, revitalization and many other aspects that county residents may be unaware of. We want to encourage people of all ages and walks of life to learn about what is in their backyard.

A Window Into Wayne

It is no new fact that Wayne County is a very agrarian county much like most of North Carolina, but there’s also many more facets to Wayne County than meets the eye. In this permanent exhibition you will find a window into what it is to be living and have lived in Wayne County throughout the centuries. This exhibit is permanent, but the artifacts rotate frequently for you can get to know all aspects of this diverse county.

Back in the USO Days

The Goldsboro Woman’s Club headquarters temporarily transformed into a United Service Organization (USO) from 1940-1945. Several items remain from the time this time including the neon sign that hung outside, a jukebox that has been restored, World War II propaganda posters, uniforms, and more. This permanent exhibit focuses on an interesting time in both the life of this historic building, but also a very turbulent time in Wayne County and the world.

The Ballroom

This space houses two permanent exhibitions, Back in the USO Days and A Window Into Wayne – this space is also used for a wide variety of events, such as our annual Willowdale: Passed Meets Present stage production, rentals from the public and community organizations and groups, as well as a space to look back on the multitude of events which have occurred here over the ages, such as the USO dances host here in the 1940’s.

Goldsboro Woman’s Club

The Goldsboro Woman’s Club exhibit pays homage to the many woman who spent their years within the walls of this building to make the community a better place. This permanent exhibit holds scrapbooks, records and memories of everything that was done by the club and it reminds us that this museum is here because of the women who built it.





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